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Imagine a world ruled by fish! Long before dinosaurs roamed the Earth, the mighty rivers of the Central West teemed with bizarre ancient fishes - armoured fishes, fishes with lungs, and some huge predators with jaws like crocodiles. Thousands of their fossils were found at Canowindra and give us a unique glimpse into life during the Devonian Period - the 'Age of Fishes'.

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A chance discovery in 1955 revealed an extensive fossil bed dating from the Devonian Period. This 360-370 million year old fossil deposit contains the remains of thousands of freshwater fish. Many were new to science. The best of the fossils so far recovered are now on public display at Canowindra, at the Age of Fishes Museum.


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The Age of Fishes Museum aims to stimulate and develop a students interest in fossils and broaden their understanding of how fossils tell us about the different kinds of organisms that lived on the earth and how they have replaced one another over geological time.

The Friends Of Fossils program was established in 1995 to encourage people with an interest in the development of the Museum and the Canowindra fossils to support this world famous project.


David Attenborough visits Canowindra's fish fossils


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Age of Fishes Museum Canowindra


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age of fishes museum

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