Age of Fishes Museum Canowindra

You head to the surface and the sun warms your scales, your eyes slowly adjust to the light. Breaking the surface you feel the water gliding past your dorsal fin as you speed up and down leaving a triangular wake at your passing. The surface undulates as small waves roll over your back.

Something stirs within your belly Are you hungry, Are you really hungry? Make your choice, Are you soooooo hungry that you wish to chase and catch a  great big fish for your dinner, or are you not really that hungry and wish to just cruise on the surface looking for small things to eat or you think the surface and the sun aren't for you after all and you want to head down to the bottom

Age of Fishes Museum Canowindra


The Museum is open 7 days per week

(Xmas Day and morning of Anzac Day excepted)

10 AM to 4 PM. Other times by arrangement.

age of fishes museum

129 Gaskill Street

Canowindra NSW 2804

Tel: 02 6344 1008