Age of Fishes Museum Canowindra

You head into the depths where the water is cold and the light fades, shadows dance around your eyes and the sounds of the deep reverberate through your head. You kick up some mud as you skim along the bottom between the reeds and the rocks. Small invertebrates skitter away and burrow into the mud. It slowly becomes darker as a something is looming over you, a great big shadow, there is something above you. Just out of sight. It’s moving slowly. You wind your away around a large rock and the shadow seems to be gone. Your scales tingle and you feel like you are being watched. You see a small group of other fish feeding on the bottom just a short way off.

Do you Head further down into the weeds and the rocks where the other fish are feeding or do you try to find a place to hide. Or you think the dark cold scary depths are not for you and you want to head to the surface


Age of Fishes Museum Canowindra


The Museum is open 7 days per week

(Xmas Day and morning of Anzac Day excepted)

10 AM to 4 PM. Other times by arrangement.

age of fishes museum

129 Gaskill Street

Canowindra NSW 2804

Tel: 02 6344 1008